Today, we have succeeded in extending human lifespan. but healthy
can we age

Being full and eating healthy are different concepts. The "fast food" style of nutrition imposed on us by the industrialization process has become the cause of many chronic diseases (diabetes, blood pressure, hashimato, etc.) today. It caused permanent damage to our body. We are all in a rush, in a rush. Because we can't eat a balanced and healthy diet today... Because we don't know enough about the cuisine of the sources we think we're fed (soil, seeds, food sources, hygiene, sanitation, storage conditions...)... Our main goal is to be full, we don't think about eating what is healthy (fried, doner kebabs, coke, …) ) The result goes to the shrinkage of our brain, our cells cannot be fed enough. Arteries are clogged due to unhealthy fats. Our immunity is dropping. As a result of unhealthy diet, our body can face diseases.

Changes were made in the genes, especially in wheat, by saying 'While the population is increasing very rapidly in the world, food resources are limited'. Their side effects are still the subject of research. The expenditures made to heal the sick person are much higher than the expenditures made to prevent the occurrence of the disease. In recent years, holistic medicine approach and soul, body and mental health are now evaluated together.

Does nutrition have anything to do with health?

It's directly related. Phytochemicals, flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. we get from plants heal us, increase our immunity, and become healthy. Foods produced in unnatural, unhealthy conditions and subjected to uncontrolled temperatures, excessive consumption of saturated and trans fats, etc., can lead to cancer, Alzheimer's and many other chronic diseases because they disrupt the functioning of metabolism. In the researches, the content values ​​of the foods 50 years ago; vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals direction much higher. For example, Omega3 is a valuable component found in the cell membrane. It regulates cardiovascular flow, has an effect on visual nerves, improves brain functions, increases concentration thanks to DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), and reduces inflammation in the body. It is known that most of the chronic diseases are caused by inflammation. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that omega3 plays an active role in the functioning of the immune system, respiratory, eye, brain, cardiovascular structure and endocrine systems. It is an important source of energy due to its structural role in the cell membrane, facilitating learning, improving memory and attention skills… In order to age well, it is necessary to know our body, to know what is missing and to complete it. This is where nutritional supplements come into play. Our main goal is to protect our generation…

Why Fortim?

Establishing reliability is the most important issue for an institution. Our aim is to protect people and human health. Our entire staff consists of Food Engineers. Our 25 years of experience and our ability to stay up to date without compromising our quality have brought us to where we are today. Fortim; A trusted brand approved by health authorities. Antiallergenic products. Non-GMO. In other words, the Genetically Modified Microorganism is not used, and the capsule is GMO-free. The tablets are swallowable. Suitable for consumption by people of all ages. The product is stored in glass packaging. It does not come into contact with its content. The glass packaging is also dark in color. Thus, the product is protected from the negative effects of sunlight. The product contents are in accordance with the label notification determined by the ministry, and the daily intake dosages are within the limits. Product, INTERNATIONAL QUALITY manufactured in accordance with the standards. In our country, we have the approval of the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry for Nutritional Supplements. ISO22000(Food Safety Management) ISO9001(Quality Management Systems) We have documents. If our products are taken right after breakfast, they provide vigor and vitality throughout the day.


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