• Are there any supplements you can recommend during the Covid-19 period?

All vitamin supplements, especially vitamin D and Omega-3, will keep your immune system strong during epidemic periods.

  • Do Vitamin D and Omega-3 Gain Weight?

No, it doesn't make you gain weight. In fact, when taken regularly, it can cause weight loss because it increases the enzymatic activity in the body. However, its purpose is not to lose weight.

  • Who can use Fortim products?

Women, men, young and old people can use Fortim products.

  • Why should I use nutritional supplements?

In our daily hustle and bustle, we cannot eat a balanced and healthy diet. In addition, the vitamin, mineral values ​​and nutritional content of the products we eat are unfortunately not enough. For a healthy life, we must supplement the missing vitamins and minerals in our body with nutritional supplements.

  • At what times of the day should I consume Fortim products?

Fortim products can be purchased around the clock. However, if consumed in the morning, they will keep you energetic and fit throughout the day.

  • Why should I use Omega-3?

Since our body cannot synthesize Omega-3, it is an essential fatty acid that must be taken from outside. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that Omega-3 plays an active role in the functioning of the immune system, respiratory, eye, brain, cardiovascular structure and endocrine systems.

  • Where can I buy Fortim products?

You can purchase our products from our website and online marketplaces.

  • How long should Fortim products be consumed after opening the cap?

Fortim Omega Vege should be consumed within 3 months after opening the package. Our other products can be consumed until the expiry date printed on the boxes when stored at room temperature.

  • Can I cut/break tablets and capsules?

Fortim Omega Vege should be consumed as capsules. Our other products can be used by breaking or cutting if desired.

  • Are sales made through your own website safe?

Yes, our site has online security certificates. At the payment stage, you can make a 3D Secure payment with Iyzico.

  • Why should I choose Fortim branded products?

that Fortim is a reliable brand; It can be understood that it is approved by health authorities and produced in accordance with international quality standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 22000).
In addition, Fortim preferred dark glass packaging because it is sensitive to the ecosystem and sustainable.

  • From which institution are your products approved?

All of our products are approved by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry. Detailed information is available in our product boxes.