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Last year, I drank Fortim D all winter, and I had my relatives drink it too. Never been sick. Very successful. My favorite, multi, took me to 18 years old.
- Order
I was experiencing mental confusion after Covid. In less than a week, I felt mentally the same as before. Bought from here as I am vegan. I've used fish oil before (when I wasn't vegan) but it never had such an effect. I can say that it is much more effective than fish oil, but of course it is not scientific, it is my own opinion.
— Nile
It's very strange, I'm 58 years old. About 2-3 weeks after using Fortim Multi, I started waking up every morning like a 16-year-old teenager. If I run out of the bottle and take a break for a few days, I'm back. The effect starts again with the new bottle.
- Order
Good for my dry eyes
— Aysegul