D Vitamini Nedir? D Vitamini Eksikliği Belirtileri Nelerdir?

What is Vitamin D? What Are the Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency?

What is Vitamin D? 

Vitamin D,  It is a type of vitamin that is fat-soluble and stored in the liver and adipose tissue. This type of vitamin affects the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.  has important effects. It is a type of vitamin that plays an active role in the process of skeleton, bone development and mineralization of the bone system. There are two different forms of headlights, D2 and D3. 

  • skeletal system,  
  • Immune system,  
  • To prevent the formation of colon and breast cancer,  
  • Prevention and treatment of diabetes,  
  • skin health,  
  • prevention of heart diseases, 
  • Depression  

It is an important type of vitamin in preventing diseases such as  

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms The lack of vitamins causes diseases in the human body. Today's living conditions include working indoors, having to live in houses without a garden, malnutrition and inactivity. Vitamin D leads to a deficiency. In addition, not getting healthy sunlight is one of the most important reasons for its deficiency. If we list the symptoms of deficiency,  

  • General body pain 
  • Fatigue/weakness, 
  • Bone/Joint pain, 
  • Hair loss / flaking on the scalp, 
  • nail breakage, 
  • altered mood/depression 
  • Insomnia, 
  • frequent infections,  
  • Certain growth and developmental retardation,  
  • excessive sweating, 
  • constant cold, 
  • Disturbance in the perception of place and time, 
  • Vomiting, 
  • Constipation, 
  • weight loss,  
  • Hypertension, 

Symptoms such as these are the important symptoms seen in its deficiency.   

Vitamin D Benefits  

As with any vitamin, it is taken correctly and in line with the body's needs. Vitamin Dis beneficial to the human body. It is an important point to take it correctly and as needed. To list the benefits; 

  • It strengthens the immune system and protects the body against diseases by fighting viruses and bacteria that cause diseases. 
  • It reduces depression by regulating mood and preventing chronic fatigue. 
  • It protects bone health by helping the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body. 
  • It reduces the risk of diabetes by regulating insulin levels. 
  • It is effective in preventing cancer by regulating intercellular communication, increasing the destruction of cancerous cells, and supporting the formation of healthy cells.     
  • It is useful in preventing cognitive disorders as it plays an important regulatory role in the nervous system by helping to regulate brain development and functions.  
  • By supporting the development of skin cells, it helps to repair the skin and heal wounds quickly.  

1 tablet of Fortim D per day meets your daily need for Vitamin D3.

Foods Containing Vitamin D  

We can obtain vitamins from environmental factors (sun), as well as from food. If environmental factors such as sun and vitamin intake from food are not sufficient, it can be taken into the body with additional medical supplements. However, we Vitamin D We have listed the foods found for you. These foods are; 


  • Egg yolk 
  • Mantar 
  • Orange juice 

Dairy products: 

  • Cow milk 
  • Yoghurt  
  • Cheese 
  • Margarine 
  • Butter 
  • Kefir 

Animal products; 

  • Chicken 
  • Red meat 

Sea products: 

oily fish;  

  • soman  
  • Mackerel 
  • oysters 
  • Shrimp 
  • Sardine 
  • Anchovy 


  • Carrot 
  • Broccoli 


  • Almost every fruit contains a certain amount of Vitamin D.  

Vegan and Vegetarian Products; 

We also thought of you, our vegan and vegetarian readers; 

  • Grain 
  • Plant-based milk varieties, such as almond milk 
  • Soy/Bean Curd 


1 tablet of Fortim D per day meets your daily need for Vitamin D3.

Omega-3 nedir? Yararları nelerdir?

What is omega-3? What are the benefits?

What is omega-3? 

Omega-3 It is a type of fat that must be taken into the body. Its other name is “fish oil” and it is often used with this name. Omega-3 fat There are three types of acids. These types are ALA, DHA and EPA. DHA and EPA are a type of fatty acid that we can call animal fat obtained from fish tissue, as we can understand when we look at the commonly used name. ALA, on the other hand, is a fatty acid found mainly in plants. Since this type of fat is not produced in the body, it is an unsaturated fatty acid that must be taken from the outside, with food or medical supplements.  Omega 3 need basically starts in the mother's womb and is seen in every period including old age. This type of fat, which is important for heart health, must be taken into the body.  

What Are the Symptoms of Omega-3 Deficiency? 

Just as vitamin deficiency causes diseases in the body Omega-3 Deficiencies of unsaturated fatty acids in the body can cause diseases. Omega 3 We have compiled the symptoms of deficiency for you. These; 

  • heart problems, heart attack,  
  • decrease in visual function, 
  • Attention deficit (lack of concentration) and behavioral disorders, 
  • Tiredness, 
  • dry skin and hair, 
  • brittle nails, 
  • dry eyes, 
  • state of being angry,  
  • intense anxiety, 

 symptoms such as omega-3 are symptoms of a deficiency of fatty acids in the body.  

Omega-3 KHow should it be used? 

very important for health omega-3 Getting saturated fatty acids from all foods with a balanced diet is the most ideal way to get them into the body. However, in cases where nutrients are insufficient, medical supplements can be taken. Alright "Omega-3How is the use of fame?” To answer the question; In fact, there is no specific usage time or interval. Consuming fatty fish twice a week and omega 3 rich plants, oils are not consumed. taken with a medical supplement omega-3 It is important to take it with a meal containing fat, the reason for taking it like this is to increase its absorption in the body. Taking it on a full stomach prevents stomach ailments. There is a generalized dosage. But the way to get the most accurate dose is to consult a doctor. 

Omega-3 WoundrWhat are they? 

Fatty acids are important for body health. The point to be considered is that enough and the right fatty acid type is taken into the body. It has benefits for human health when it is taken into the body. This important point omega-3 also needs to be taken into account. Omega-3We will list the benefits for you. These; 

  • It reduces the risk of premature birth, 
  • It benefits the baby's retina and brain development, 
  • Helps develop baby's numerical intelligence, skills such as reading and writing, 
  • Protects from postpartum syndrome, 
  • Protects heart health 
  • It has positive effects on mental health, 
  • Provides weight control 
  • Prevents fatty liver,  
  • It is effective in fighting inflammation (pain),  
  • It reduces the risk of dementia, 
  • Prevents asthma, 
  • It reduces the risk of skin cancer, 
  • It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, 
  • Helps balance blood sugar and insulin levels, 

 has such benefits.   

Foods Containing Omega-3 

Omega 3 It is a type of unsaturated fat that is not produced spontaneously in the body. It can be taken externally with medical supplements, or it can be taken through food. Although seafood generally contains this fatty acid, it is also found in plant, nut and meat products. We have compiled these foods for you. These;  

Et/ Milk Products: 

  • Oily sea fish (such as salmon, sardines, tuna), 
  • shellfish,  
  • Egg, 
  • Fish oil, 
  • Meat and dairy products from grass-fed animals, 

Nuts and Seeds: 

  • Flax seeds, 
  • chia seeds, 
  • Walnut, 

Herbal products:  

  • Cabbage, 
  • Spinach, 
  • Purslane, 
  • Avocado, 

Vegetable Oils: 

  • linseed oil, 
  • soybean oil, 
  • canola oil, 
  • walnut oil, 

foods like omega 3 is an important source of nutrients.  

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Multivitamin nedir? Faydaları Nelerdir? 3 Adımda Multivitamin

What is a multivitamin? What are the Benefits? Multivitamin in 3 Steps

In the winter months, during the Covid-19 pandemic, when we feel tired, when we think that we have a resentment, the first thing we run to buy multivitamin is happening. we too multivitamin we wrote it for you.  

Multivitamin Ndo? 

Multivitaminare supplements that contain many different vitamins and minerals along with other ingredients. They are supplements that contain all the vitamins, minerals and other elements needed for the continuation of body health. In the diet, it is the combination of vitamins that are not taken with food or taken insufficiently.  Multivitamin Available in syrup, pill or capsule form. These pills are definitely not medicine.  

What are the Multivitamin Benefits? 

The dose of use of all types of vitamins separately is important. multivitamin On the benefits, the dose of use and adequate use are very important. When taken enough to the body, the following benefits can be observed on body health.  

  • They help make up for the nutritional deficiencies in the body. 
  • According to some studies, it has been stated that it has an effect on protecting women's heart health. 
  • According to some studies, it has been stated that it improves memory in adults. 
  • It has been observed that it is good for mental health. 
  • They help in maintaining overall eye health.  
  • It reduces the risk of cataracts.  
  • They help protect and strengthen immune cells. 
  • They help to eliminate and prevent skin, hair and nail problems. 
  • They contribute to your normal energy-yielding metabolism. 
  • They support your blood formation. 
  • They help protect bones. 
  • They help in the production of protein and glycogen. 
  • It can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.  
  • It slows down the aging process. 
  • Reduces the risk of cancer. 

What Vitamins Are in Multivitamide? 

Multi means many. multivitamin It is called combining more than one vitamin and mineral. Therefore, it is possible to come across more than one vitamin. Although it varies from brand to brand, multivitamin It contains the following vitamins;  

  • Contains vitamin B6, zinc, calcium, iron and sodium; It is effective in taking precautions against risks such as anemia, fatigue and memory loss.  
  • Vitamin B12 includes; It is important for nervous system and blood health.  
  • Contains vitamin A; It is important for skin health, eye health and immune system.  
  • Contains vitamin B and vitamin C; It is important for cell health.   
  • Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, omega-3 contains fatty acid; These are important for protecting eye health. 
  • Contains vitamin D, folic acid; It is important for pregnant women, mother and baby health. It is also important for bone health.  
  • Contains calcium phosphorus, magnesium; important for the risk of osteoporosis.  

such as vitamins. 

MHow to use ultivitamin? 

The use of multivitamins varies depending on age, gender and physical activity. That's why it's like the use case of all vitamins multivitamin Since it contains zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, it should not be forgotten that the dose requires blood analysis and doctor control. If it is not taken under the control of a doctor, it may have side effects on body health. However, we have compiled for you how it can be used in which situations. Multivitamins

  • Of course, it should be taken with a glass of water. 
  • It should be taken in the morning, and taken in the evening can cause palpitations and insomnia.  
  • Instead of using a single vitamin multivitamin preferable 
  • If you are taking any medication, without consulting your doctor. multivitamin Do not use because it may reduce the effect of the drug you use or have side effects.  
  • Use as much as the doctor recommends. 
  • It can also be used easily by vegans/vegetarians. 

can be used in the form.  

With all that we've learned best multivitamin You might think which one.

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Lutein ve Zeaksantin Nedir? Lutein ve Zeaksantin’in 9 Faydası

What are Lutein and Zeaxanthin? 9 Benefits of Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Our health is very important in this period as it is important in every period. For our health, we need antioxidants and pigments, just as we need to consume foods containing vitamins, minerals and oils. You toolutein - FROMeaxanthin what?" If you're wondering,Lutein and Zeaxanthin What?" The article is just for you! 

Lutein – Zeaxanthin Ndo? 

Lutein - FROMeaxanthinare basically biological pigments in the pigment class. Lutein and zeaxanthin are two types of carotenoids. It is these pigments that give plants their color. They take part in the photosynthesis absorption of plants. They act as antioxidants. Basically Lutein – Zeaxanthin  They are found in the structure of the human eye, in the retina layer of the eye. Both have similar structures.  

  • Zeaxanthin; It is the best supplement for maintaining eye health. It nourishes the eye and maintains eye health. It protects the eye from the negative effects of external influences. It improves eyesight. 
  • Lutein; It is mostly found in yellow and orange vegetables. It absorbs the beneficial blue light from the sun. It acts as an antioxidant. It exists in the form of fatty acids and covalent bonds. When taken into the human body, it especially feeds the yellow spot in the eye.  

Lutein – Zeaxanthin is found in which foods? 

Lutein – Zeaxanthin contain yellow-orange pigments. While carotenoids are mostly found in yellow, orange and red foods, lutein and zeaxanthin are mostly found in dark and bright green vegetables. This is because of the chlorophyll (green pigment that helps photosynthesis) in green vegetables. luteinzexanthini is imprisoned. It is also found in many foods. Basically these foods are; 

  • Lutein- Zeaxanthin containing foods; Mallow, corn, asparagus, celery, parsley, spinach, nettle, cabbage, zucchini, fennel, chard, dill, mint, cress, purslane, carrots, figs, eggs, avocados, peppers, grapes and squash, saffron, broccoli, peas , melon, kiwi and paprika, 

foods like luteinzexanthin containing foods. In addition, consuming these foods with some fat increases their absorption in the body. Alternatively, adding olive oil to your green salad can be beneficial for absorption.  

Lutein – ZEaxanthin Benefits Nare they? 

As with all vitamins, minerals and oils, we define it as an antioxidant. Lutein – Zeaxanthin It is also beneficial for human body health. Of course, the correct use and consumption of various nutrients is an important point in taking it into the body. We have listed the benefits of these carotenoids, which are especially beneficial for eye health, for you. These benefits are; 

  • Helps maintain skin health. 
  • It is anti-aging due to the antioxidants it contains. 
  • It helps prevent age-related eye diseases. 
  • Provides a decrease in light sensitivity. 
  • Increases visual acuity.  
  • It helps to protect the eye against yellow spot disease in the eye.  
  • They protect body proteins, fats and DNA against stress.  
  • It helps to reduce bad cholesterol effects.  
  • It helps reduce the risk of heart attack.  

benefits such as Lutein – Zeaxanthin listed as benefits.  

1 tablet daily Fortim Sharp It meets your daily vitamin needs.

D Vitamininin Önemi 3 Adımda Öğrenin

Learn the Importance of Vitamin D in 3 Steps

Today, we are experiencing a deficiency due to closed working environments and not getting enough sun.  Vitamin D we should use it to protect our immune system and our musculoskeletal system. we are for you too Vitamin D We have compiled important information about you for you.  

Vyour fullness Vin the body Rdead Surgery 

Vitamin DAlthough it is known as a type of fat-soluble vitamin, it is actually a type of hormone. It is a species that positively affects body development on humans, starting in the mother's womb and continuing throughout life. your vitamin D It has an effective role on the body. Although its most important role is on bone health, it has many effects on the body. To write some of these effects, these effects;  

  • It increases the absorption of calcium and phosphorus taken with food. 
  • Provides calcium and phosphorus balance. 
  • It has a therapeutic effect on bone growth, cartilage hardening and bone diseases. 
  • Strengthens the immune system.  
  • It has the effect of protecting the body against heart and blood pressure diseases and some types of cancer.  

effects such as reveal its role on the body.  

Vfull of Ein the absence of Neler Olur?  

Many health problems can occur due to vitamin and hormone imbalance. It is possible to explain this imbalance as the presence of excess or less than necessary in the body. It is very important for the body and its deficiency can cause some health problems. Vitamin D We can list the possible effects that may occur in the body in its deficiency as follows;  

  • Calcium phosphorus absorption decreases, 
  • Softening and weakening of the cartilage of babies can be seen, 
  • heart and liver problems, 
  • Persistent weight loss occurs 
  • There may be causes of fatigue and weakness, 
  • Sleep problems may occur 
  • Nail and hair loss 
  • Depression 
  • changing moods 
  • loss of balance and strength, 
  • sweating frequently, 
  • detention bruises,  

effects on the body Vitamin D deficiencycan be seen in  

What Diseases Cause Vitamin D Deficiency?  

Due to insufficient intake of hormones and vitamins into the body, they can have negative effects on the human body. Besides the negative effects of vitamin deficiency, your vitamin D Deficiency brings with it many diseases.  This type of vitamin has been shown to have anti-inflammatory (pain reliever), immune system and bone health effects. your vitamin D Not taking enough in the body causes bone diseases and opens the door to many other diseases. If we list these diseases; 

  • Cancer, 
  • Infection, 
  • Heart diseases, 
  • Vascular diseases, 
  • Butterfly disease (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus), 
  • Diabetes, 
  • Flu, 
  • Tuberculosis (tuberculosis),  
  • kidney stone formation, 

Diseases such as can occur due to its deficiency in the body.  

Vfull of Gcelebrity İneed NKhow much is it?  

Taking vitamins and minerals at certain times and taking them in a certain daily dose is important for body health. In order to determine the daily dose that the person can take, he must first consult a physician and have a blood test. It is the best way to determine the dose of vitamin for the person. However, many studies have shown that people should consume a certain dose. Vitamin D they deem appropriate. This vitamin can be taken from the sun and food, as well as as a medical supplement. Alright Vitamin D What should the daily dose be? According to studies, this dose should be taken at the level of 50-150 micrograms and Vitamin D rate of se should be at the level of 30-80 micrograms.  

1 tablet daily Fortim D What you need to take daily Vitamin D3 meets your needs.

Günlük Alınması Gereken Omega-3 Miktarı Nedir?

What is the Daily Amount of Omega-3 Required?

Fatty acids are important for body health and have many benefits to the body. type of oil omega-3 It is one of the moist fatty acids necessary for the body. In this article, it is necessary for body health omega-3 We have compiled the information about you for you. 

Omega-3 What are the Fatty Acid Types? 

Fats and fatty acids can be roughly grouped under two headings. These headings can be divided into saturated and unsaturated fats. The type of yam, which we will deal with a lot in this article, is the type of unsaturated fat. Unsaturated yam types also have two separate subheadings. These sub-headings are; polyunsaturated fatty acids, namely omega-3-6-9. TIn the end, it is divided into three types of oil in itself.  

  1. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA): this type of fatty acid has 20 carbons and its most important feature is that it helps to create chemicals that will help reduce inflammation. It also helps reduce the symptoms of depression.  
  1. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA): this fatty acid has 22 carbons and makes up about 8% of brain weight. It is cultivated on brain development and brain functions.  
  1. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA): It is a type of 18-carbon fatty acid. It can convert to EPA and DHA. It is used as an energy source.   

As you can see, there are basically three different omega-3 There are varieties.   

Enough Omega-3 What Happens If You Don't Consume?  

Omega-3'It has effects on cardiovascular health and development. In other words, different health problems may occur when not enough is taken into the body. These health problems; 

  1. chronic fatigue, 
  2. Dry skin, 
  3. heart problems, 
  4. visual disturbances,  
  5. attention disorder, 
  6. dry scalp 
  7. frequently broken nails,  
  8. poor blood circulation 
  9. mood changes, 
  10. Worsening inflammatory problems 

symptoms such as omega-3 effects seen when not taken.   

What is the Daily Amount of Omega-3 Required?  

According to studies, it has been revealed that not enough foods are consumed daily. According to the American Heart Association, you can eat fatty fish or fish twice a week or more. Fish oil It is recommended to take. In fact, the way of use varies from person to person and according to other diseases of the people. It should not be forgotten that it is useful to see a doctor first. However, there is a specific daily dose recommended by the American Heart Association. A healthy adult omega-3 1000mg can use. It should be noted that heart patients can increase this rate to 2 or 3 times. In children, a minimum of 250-500 mg of omega 3 should be taken into the body every day.  

Omega-HAngi Din institutions Kshould be used? 

Omega 3, Since it is necessary for the body, it is a type of fatty acid that should be taken into the body regularly. Although there is no specific use case, it is used in the treatment of some diseases. Therefore, it should be taken in consultation with a doctor. However, if you have chronic fatigue, certain depression, visual disturbances, dry skin and hair, and easily broken nails, it can be used by paying attention to the dosage and continuity. It can also be used to protect against some diseases and strengthen the immune system. In reducing the level of stress, in cases where there is no regular movement and enough food is not taken. omega-3 Getting it is very important. 

1 capsule every day Fortim Omega Vege It meets your daily omega-3 needs.

Multivitamine İhtiyaç Duyulan 5 Durum

5 Situations That Need Multivitamins

multivitamin We can say that they are the most used supplements. In addition to many components, it contains more than one different vitamins and minerals. There are many different types such as tablets, capsules, powder, chewable and liquid forms. It is important to say that it has effects on the body. This article is for you multivitamin We have compiled the information about you for you.  

multivitamin Önemi Surgery 

Since the dosage of each vitamin is important, multiviamin The dose of use, duration of use and the way of use affect the effect of the benefit that can be taken from it to the body. We should add that we should not forget that it is useful to consult a doctor before using supplements. When it is taken into the body enough, it has important effects on the body. If we list these effects; 

  1. Effects on mental and physical health, 
  1. Effects on protecting eye health, 
  1. Effects on nutrient deficiencies, 
  1. Effects on heart health 
  1. Effects on memory enhancement, 
  1.  Effects on protecting and strengthening immune cells, 
  1. Effects on skin, hair and nail health, 
  1. Effects on protecting bones 
  1. aging effects, 

When we look at such effects, the effects on the body show that the use is important.   

In Which Situations Multivitamins May Be Needed  

Every body has varying and different needs. This change differs according to age, gender, weight, blood values, movement status and nutrition. The need for use may also vary according to factors such as age, gender, blood values. It should be reminded that multivitamin Since it contains zinc, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, the dose and duration of use should be under the control of a doctor. But basically there are some general use cases. We have compiled these need cases for you. These need situations; 


  1. Strengthening and protecting your immune system, 
  1. If you have a deficient nutritional value, 
  1. Conditions such as hair loss, nail breakage, 
  1. protect your bones 
  1. Supporting your body's protein and glucose production,  

under doctor's control if you have needs such as multivitamin you can use. 

Same ANda Bmore than one Multivitamin Kavailable Mi? 

multivitamin it contains more than one vitamin and mineral that “multi” means many. Therefore, it is likely to contain more than one vitamin and mineral in its content. Its content varies from brand to brand, but basically there are the following vitamins and minerals; 

  1. Vitamin B6, zinc calcium iron and sodium  
  1. Vitamin B12 
  1. Vitamin A 
  1. Vitamin B and Vitamin C 
  1. Vitamin B3, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acid 
  1. Vitamin D, folic acid 
  1. Calcium Phosphorus, Magnesium 

contains vitamins and minerals such as More than one multivitamin Using it can be dangerous for the health of the body. Each in multivitamin Since there are similar vitamins and minerals, overdose may have risks for body health. As we have said many times, it should not be forgotten that it should be taken under the control of a doctor.  

However, we have also compiled for you the situations that should be considered when using it for you. These situations are; 

  1. It should be taken with water. 
  1. If you are taking any other medication, without consulting your doctor. multivitamin It is recommended that you do not take it because it may interact with the other drug you are using, reducing the effect of that drug or observing its side effects.  
  1. Take care to use as much as the dose and duration recommended by the doctor.  

Now that we have learned all this information about multivitamins, it is in mind. best multivitamin Which question may arise. 1 tablet daily FortimMULTI What you need to take daily vitamin meets your needs.

5 Soruda Gıda Takviyesi

Food Supplement in 5 Questions

It can be used for many reasons, from time to time we need supplements We have compiled the basic information about you in 5 basic questions. 

What is a Food Supplement? 

When we do not get enough vitamins, minerals and other nutritional values ​​necessary for health, we first apply. are foods. Instead of the vitamins and minerals that are important for our health and that we cannot get enough of the nutrients that our health needs, and that fall due to environmental factors, we simply replace the additional medical foods taken from outside. food supplement We can define as. Supplements include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, photochemicals and botanical products. It can be found in pill, capsule, powder or syrup form.  

What Are Supplements?  

You can find it in more than one way. Each shape also has different benefits and is used for different purposes. This food supplementsWe have compiled some of the benefits and benefits for you. There are basically two types, we can say. These are “immune supplements” (probiotics, vitamin D, vitamin C, Omega-3). The other is “fatigue supplements” (Omega-3, CoQ10, Vitamin B12, Ginseng).   

  1. Calcium; It can be used to maintain bone health. 
  1. Vitamin E; can delay aging.  
  1. Omega-3; It is important for brain health. 
  1. Coenzyme Q10; It provides the energy that the body needs by helping the food turn into energy. 
  1. C vitamin; It helps us to have a strong immune system. 

What are the Effects of Supplements on the Body? 

Since it contains different vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it has different effects on the human body. Of course, paying attention to the dose and duration of use will provide the food that the body needs, Gıda supplement It is the most important factor to consider. At this point, we would like to share with you what is on the human body. These crops; 

  1. It strengthens the immune system as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. 
  1. It helps to eliminate vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies.  
  1. Supplementary food, which comes into play in cases where sufficient food is not taken, helps to eliminate the energy deficit in the body.  
  1. It helps to remove toxins from the body. 
  1. Since it contains antioxidants, it helps the body fight against the damage caused by stress and environmental factors.  

In Which Situations Should Food Supplements Be Taken?  

Body needs can vary from person to person. These needs can be decided by looking at blood values, age and gender. Care should be taken in this regard. It should not be limited to only vitamins and minerals that are not taken. Some foods cannot be consumed due to allergies, and they are needed in such cases.  


  1. If you have an allergic body, 
  1. If you are sensitive to certain foods, 
  1. If sufficient nutritional value does not enter your body due to environmental conditions, 
  1. If you have stressful situations, 
  1. If you have a vitamin and mineral deficiency, 
  1. If there are foods that are not taken naturally, with food,  
  1. If you have a low-energy diet, 
  1. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding,  
  1. If you have menopause, 
  1. If you have long-term drug use, 

In such cases, you can take it with the recommendation of the doctor. 

How to Use Food Supplement? 

The fact that it can be chosen correctly and according to the needs is effective on the usage situation. The use case can vary from gender to gender, age to age, need to need. To make a generalizable explanation; 

  1. It is necessary to be careful with other drugs used. 
  1. It is important to consult a doctor before using different supplements together. 
  1. The dose, duration and time of use are important.  
  1. It can be taken when hungry or full. It is necessary to pay attention to their time.  
  1. There are different types of uses. who food supplements hungry, some full, some taking it between meals may increase its benefits.  
  1. Even if it needs to be taken continuously, it is important for the body to use it with a certain break. 
  1. Do not take more or less than the recommended dose. 

It is worth paying attention to such use cases.  

D Vitamini İçeren Besinler Nelerdir?

What Foods Contain Vitamin D?

Vitamin D It is a type of fat-soluble vitamin that can be taken from the sun, which even the sun is insufficient in today's conditions. Vitamin D It is important for immune system, muscle/bone system health. Concretization, working in closed environments deprives the body of this type of vitamin. Therefore, Vitamin D In addition to intake from the sun, it is necessary to support it with food. In this text, Vitamin D ve Vitamin D3 We have compiled for you vegetables, fruits and other foods containing 

What Fruits Contain Vitamin D?

Vitamins must be taken into the body from environmental factors as well as from food. If the sun (environmental factors), nutrients are not sufficient, additional medical supplements can be taken. For this, first of all, it is necessary to consult a doctor. However, first of all, we need to integrate regular nutrition into our lives. Therefore Fruits with Vitamin D We've sorted it out for you. These fruits;

In fact, almost every fruit Vitamin D is found. However, to list in particular;

  • Orange; Although it is known as a vitamin C store, orange is also an important fruit type in terms of vitamin D. 
  • Apple; It is an important fruit that needs to be consumed in winter and contains vitamin D. 
  • Watermelon; Although we may eat it to cool off in the summer, capuz is also an important fruit containing vitamin D because it sees the sun and sweetens when it sees the sun. 
  • Banana; Although it is basically known with vitamin A, it is actually a fruit that contains vitamin D and should be consumed.
  • Grape; It is a type of fruit that can benefit the body in terms of vitamin D that can be consumed in autumn. 

vegetables such as Fruits containing vitamin D

What Vegetables Contain Vitamin D?

Regular nutrition and taking all kinds of nutrients into the body are important in terms of taking vitamins, acids and fats into the body. Therefore, it is necessary to eat a balanced diet and not to distinguish between nutrients. Vitamin D It is also important to have a regular and balanced diet. For you to add to your menu Vegetables containing vitamin D we listed. These vegetables; 

  • Carrot; Carrot, which has an important place in terms of vitamin D, is a vegetable that prevents the formation and spread of various types of cancer. 
  • Broccoli; It is a type of vegetable rich in vitamin D that should be consumed for bone and dental health. Children should definitely consume it for bone development.
  • Mushrooms; Vegetables containing vitamin D. It is used in diet lists to reduce the muscle system and fat ratio. 

vegetables such as Vegetables containing vitamin D

What Foods Contain Vitamin D?

Vitamin DIt is not only found in vegetables and fruits. From other foods Vitamin D It is possible to receive. These types of food; animal foods, milk and dairy products, seafood Vitamin D in terms of importance. While preparing this list, we also considered our vegetarian and vegan readers. Foods containing vitamin D It is as follows;

Sea products;

Oily fish, in particular, are rich in vitamin D.

oily fish; 

  • Salmon 
  • Mackerel
  • oysters
  • Shrimp
  • Sardine
  • Anchovy

Animal products;

  • Chicken
  • Red meat

Dairy products:

  • Cow milk
  • Yoghurt 
  • Cheese
  • Margarine
  • Butter
  • Kefir

Vegan and Vegetarian Products;

  • Grain
  • Plant-based milk varieties, such as almond milk
  • Soy/Bean Curd

Foods containing Vitamin D.

Even if we consume all these naturally sourced foods, we cannot get enough vitamin D in our body. Therefore, it must be under the supervision of a doctor. Vitamin D supplement we should get 

If you want to meet your daily vitamin D needs, Fortim D you can use. 

B12 Vitamin Eksikliği

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12, It is a type of vitamin that can be stored in small amounts in the body. Has many benefits for the body Vitamin B12, "What is Vitamin B12?","What is Vitamin B12 Pill?” and ”What Foods Contain Vitamin B12?” collected under the headings. Healthy reading!

What is Vitamin B12? 

Vitamin B12It is a type of vitamin that is water-soluble, helps DNA synthesis, the absorption of fatty acids and amino acids by the body, and the deficiency in the body must be eliminated. It works in protein metabolism. It is also known as "cobalamin" due to the presence of cobalt mineral in its components. In a healthy human body, there should be 2 mg, 2 mg in the liver and 4 mg in other parts of the body. This rate varies in pregnant or lactating women. Vitamin B12It is important in terms of protecting nerve tissue, brain functions and producing red blood cells. It is not produced in the body on its own and the amount of storage is low, so it must be taken from the outside with food or medical supplement. There are capsule and needle types as medical supplements. 

What is Vitamin B12 Pill It works?

Fatigue and weight loss Vitamin B12 It is one of the most important signs of deficiency. In addition to these two symptoms, many more can be found. For the regular functioning and regular functioning of the body  Vitamin B12 deficiency must be corrected. So as a food supplement Vitamin B12 pill can be consumed. It should not be forgotten that Vitamin B12 pill Before using it, a preliminary consultation with the doctor is required. The B12 pill is made up of components of vitamins B1, B6 and B12. Besides being a vitamin, it also has pain-relieving properties. The most active ingredients are:

  • Contains 250 g of vitamin B1- thiamine, hydrochloride and water,
  • Contains 250 g of vitamin B6- pyridoxine, hydrochloride,
  • Contains 1mg of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 pills There are points to consider when using. Some of those;

  • It should be consumed once a day, with plenty of water,
  • It should not be used for children under 12 years old,
  • The treatment period should be terminated or extended under the supervision of a doctor,

B12 Pills It is necessary to pay attention to the points as above when using it. 

What Foods Contain Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 Since it is important in terms of nervous system and brain functions, the deficiency must be eliminated. Vitamin B12 If we list a few of the symptoms that indicate a deficiency, these are;

  • Tiredness,
  • heart palpitations,
  • Anorexia, 
  • Skin Paleness,
  • Tingle,
  • Hair loss,

symptoms such as Vitamin B12 shows its lack. This deficiency must be corrected as soon as possible. For this, it may be necessary to consult your doctor first and take medical supplements according to the results of blood tests. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the foods we consume daily. So for you Foods containing vitamin B12 We sorted. These foods are;

  • Liver, spleen (offals),
  • Shellfish (mussels, oysters, mackerel),
  • tuna, trout, herring and mackerel,
  • milk, yogurt, cheese,
  • Red meat,
  • Egg,
  • Chicken,

foods such as Foods containing vitamin B12. As you can see, it is taken from animal foods. Therefore, a vegan or vegetarian diet can trigger B12 deficiency. For this reason, he creates a diet together with the physician and Food supplement containing B12 It is useful to use. 

Kalsiyum Ne İşe Yarar?

What Does Calcium Do?

From infancy, strong bones are important for healthy aging. Important for the skeletal system calciumIt is also important for teeth, heart and muscles. Therefore, in the body calcium levels must be observed. We are also for youWhat does calcium do?“We investigated.

What does calcium do? 


CalciumIt is the type of mineral responsible for the formation of bones and teeth. It is the most abundant mineral in the body. It provides formation and strengthening of teeth, formation and strengthening of bones, contraction of muscles, providing the necessary blood pressure, blood coagulation in our body. calcium  About 99% is stored in bones and teeth, while 1% is stored in blood, muscle and other tissues. Calcium, It helps to fulfill the following functions;

  • In the protection of the development and health of bones and teeth,
  • in blood coagulation,
  • In intracellular communication,
  • Performing muscle functions and nerve transmission
  • In order for the heartbeat to occur,
  • In releasing hormones and enzymes,
  • In the communication between the brain and the body,
  • In the development of blood vessels, 
  • In reducing the risk of colon cancer, 
  • In preventing osteoporosis,

performing functions such as calcium mineral is involved.

What Are the Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency?

What the body needs from daily nutrition calcium when we can't get it, it's stored in the bones calcium starts to run out. Not only because of not consuming daily food, but also because of excessive consumption of certain foods or the treatment method of some diseases.to calcium deficiency may cause. Symptoms of calcium deficiency we have compiled for you. These;

  • Transfer,
  • abnormal heart rhythm
  • Weakness,
  • Hair loss,
  • muscle cramps,
  • Numbness and tingling in fingers
  • Bone fractures or bone cracks,
  • Osteoclasis,
  • tooth fractures, 
  • nail breakage,

reasons such as are symptoms of calcium deficiency

What Foods Contain Calcium? 

calcium mineralNot only is it vital for bones and teeth, it is actually vital for the entire body. Therefore, regular and diversified food consumption is necessary to get the calcium mineral into the body. Therefore also foods containing calcium it's good to know. foods containing calcium It is:

Milk and milk products;

  • Yoghurt
  • Milk 
  • Cheese 

Sea products;

  • The fish; 
  • Sardines
  • Salmon 
  • Ringa
  • Cod
  • swordfish 
  • Tuna


  • Spinach
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Rocket
  • Dandelion


  • Peanut
  • Sesame 
  • Almond
  • Hazelnut 
  • Flax seeds


  • Beans
  • Soya
  • Lentil
  • Chickpea

foods containing calcium It's not just the foods we've listed above. Adding some cereals, juices, rice and soy calcium can be added. 

What is Calcium Vitamin?

calcium, daily body need can be met from the foods consumed. However, not every person can consume every nutrient for some reasons and these people's bodies calcium vitamin deficiency may occur. In similar cases calcium vitamin your body needs calcium helps you meet your needs. However, calcium mineral supplementsni Although prescribing a doctor is essential before use calcium vitamin There are also points to consider when buying. These points are;

If you;

  • heart medicine
  • thyroid medication
  • medicine used for the treatment of epilepsy
  • Cortisone,
  • stomach medications
  • some types of antibiotics

if you are taking medications such as vitamin calcium You may need to be careful when buying. The effect of these types of drugs calcium vitamin may increase or decrease with 

Bağışıklık Sistemi Nasıl Güçlenir

How to Strengthen the Immune System

Immune system It is important for the body to fight the diseases that may come from the outside or from the inside. Also during the pandemic immune system We need to pay attention to empowerment. we are for you too immune system We have compiled information about

What is the Immune System?

Immune system, It is the defense mechanism of a living being that tries to protect the body against diseases, in other words, it is the body's defense mechanism. It is a system that protects the body against viruses, tumors or structures that are harmful to the body. Also known as "Ummun". In our daily life, our body comes into contact with carcinogenic substances, viruses and bacteria many times. Immune system, It is important to fight foreign substances like these and it is a system that needs to be strengthened. Immune system, In fact, it is found throughout the body. However, there are also immune organs such as the spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow. Mainly through four main lines immune system protects our body. These lines are;

  • phagocytes,
  • inflammatory,
  • Some plasma proteins
  • physical and chemical barriers, 

like lines. In short immune system It is a system that does not protect the body against foreign germs, bacteria and viruses. 

What Are the Foods That Strengthen the Immune System?

Immune system It is a system tasked with protecting the human body against foreign substances outside the body. Strengthening this system is important for fighting diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the diet and water consumption. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the diet or water consumption, but also to the variety of food consumed. We have researched for you the foods that strengthen the immune system. These foods are;

  • Water should be consumed; The need for water varies according to age and weight. On average, 2-2,5 L of water can be consumed per day. 
  • Vegetables and fruits should be consumed; Vegetables and fruits are important food sources of vitamins and antioxidants. A, C, E vitamins, folic acid, magnesium and minerals are foods that strengthen the immune system. Especially orange and acidic fruits are not consumed. 
  • Oat; Since it contains beta gluten, it protects the body against foreign substances.
  • Garlic; It is a powerful antioxidant because it contains allicin. Therefore the immune system supports. 
  • Yogurt and Kefir; They are important nutrients because they strengthen the intestinal flora, prevent the formation of inflammatory diseases and are antioxidants. 
  • fish consumption; Fish contains antioxidants and omega-3s. Therefore, it should be consumed twice a week.
  • turmeric, ginger; These foods should be consumed as they are rich in vitamin B6, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and fiber.
  • Blueberries; Since its antioxidant level is high and sugar level is low, it is a food that supports the prevention of many diseases, including cancer.
  • Nuts; They are rich in oil. They contain vitamin E, fiber, omega-3 magnesium and zinc. 

Foods like these foods that strengthen the immune system

What are the supplements that strengthen the immune system?

Immune system Strengthening has become even more important with the pandemic period. Diet, food variety and regular sleep are very important at this stage. However, it is sometimes not possible to establish this order due to environmental factors and working life. Since not every person can consume every nutrient, it may be necessary to take supplements from outside. Supplement to strengthen the immune system It is important to receive. However, it is useful to consult with the doctor before starting the supplements. As is generally known, vitamin C and vitamin D are important vitamins for the immune system. In addition, zinc, oil, iron selenium and minerals should be taken. of many brands immune system booster supplement There are products. You can use the one that suits you by looking at the content. However, there are points to be noted. These points are;

  • If there are drugs used in relation to other diseases,
  • If you have enough of a certain vitamin in your body,
  • It should be used under the supervision of a doctor,
  • It should be taken in a certain daily dose, this dose may vary from person to person.