multivitamin We can say that they are the most used supplements. In addition to many components, it contains more than one different vitamins and minerals. There are many different types such as tablets, capsules, powder, chewable and liquid forms. It is important to say that it has effects on the body. This article is for you multivitamins We have compiled the information about you for you.  

multivitamin Önope What Is It? 

Since the dosage of each vitamin is important, multiviamin The dose of use, duration of use and the way of use affect the effect of the benefit that can be taken from it to the body. We should add that we should not forget that it is useful to consult a doctor before using supplements. When it is taken into the body enough, it has important effects on the body. If we list these effects; 

  1. Effects on mental and physical health, 
  1. Effects on protecting eye health, 
  1. Effects on nutrient deficiencies, 
  1. Effects on heart health 
  1. Effects on memory enhancement, 
  1.  Effects on protecting and strengthening immune cells, 
  1. Effects on skin, hair and nail health, 
  1. Effects on protecting bones 
  1. aging effects, 

When we look at such effects, the effects on the body show that the use is important.   

In Which Situations Multivitamins May Be Needed  

Every body has varying and different needs. This change differs according to age, gender, weight, blood values, movement status and nutrition. The need for use may also vary according to factors such as age, gender, blood values. It should be reminded that multivitamins Since it contains zinc, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, the dose and duration of use should be under the control of a doctor. But basically there are some general use cases. We have compiled these need cases for you. These need situations; 


  1. Strengthening and protecting your immune system, 
  1. If you have a deficient nutritional value, 
  1. Conditions such as hair loss, nail breakage, 
  1. protect your bones 
  1. Supporting your body's protein and glucose production,  

under doctor's control if you have needs such as multivitamins you can use. 

Same ANda Bmore than one Multravitamin Kavailable Mi? 

multivitamin it contains more than one vitamin and mineral that “multi” means many. Therefore, it is likely to contain more than one vitamin and mineral in its content. Its content varies from brand to brand, but basically there are the following vitamins and minerals; 

  1. Vitamin B6, zinc calcium iron and sodium  
  1. Vitamin B12 
  1. Vitamin A 
  1. Vitamin B and Vitamin C 
  1. Vitamin B3, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acid 
  1. Vitamin D, folic acid 
  1. Calcium Phosphorus, Magnesium 

contains vitamins and minerals such as More than one multivitamins Using it can be dangerous for the health of the body. Each in multivitamin Since there are similar vitamins and minerals, overdose may have risks for body health. As we have said many times, it should not be forgotten that it should be taken under the control of a doctor.  

However, we have also compiled for you the situations that should be considered when using it for you. These situations are; 

  1. It should be taken with water. 
  1. If you are taking any other medication, without consulting your doctor. multivitamins It is recommended that you do not take it because it may interact with the other drug you are using, reducing the effect of that drug or observing its side effects.  
  1. Take care to use as much as the dose and duration recommended by the doctor.  

Now that we have learned all this information about multivitamins, it is in mind. best multivitamin Which question may arise. 1 tablet daily FortimMULTI What you need to take daily vitamin meets your needs.


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