cobalaminIt is popularly known as vitamin B12. cobalaminIt is a type of vitamin that is not produced in the body and stored in the body. we are for you too cobalamin We have compiled information about

What Does Cobalamin Do?

cobalamin It is a type of vitamin that is not produced in the body and can be taken from the outside. cobalamin commonly known as B12. cobalamin, Like other types of B vitamins, it is water-soluble. Cobalamin, known as B12takes part in metabolic activities. It has an important role in DNA synthesis, red blood formation, protecting the nervous system and immune system, and strengthening the immune system. Cobalamin aka B12Since it is not produced in the body, it is necessary to diversify the diet. cobalaminIt has many benefits not only for synthesizing and forming blood cells in the body, but also for the body. These benefits are;

In the body's energy production,

· Regulating the nervous system,

· In the normal functioning of amino acids (homocysteine),

Folic acid (vitamin B9) absorption,

In the production of blood cells,

· Preventing the formation of anemia,

at points like cobalamin possible to see the benefits.

Foods Containing Cobalamin?

cobalamin deficiencyshould be removed with the help of a doctor. However, in addition to the supplementary food recommended by the doctor, it is necessary to pay attention to daily eating habits. cobalamin that is, B12 is found in meat and fish, milk and dairy products. Foods containing cobalamin are as follows;

Offal (Liver, Spleen etc.)

Shellfish (mussels, oysters, etc.)

Milk and dairy products (Milk, yoghurt, cheese)

· Red meat

· Egg,

· Chicken

Tuna, trout, herring and mackerel,

foods like cobalamin contains. If your daily diet is vegan or vegetarian, cobalamin deficiency can trigger. Therefore, with the help of experts cobalamin deficiency can be remedied.

What Are the Symptoms of Cobalamin Deficiency?

Colabamin is important for improving nervous system and brain functions. That's why too  Cobalamin (B12 deficiency) definitely needs to be fixed. A certain amount of daily cobalamin must be taken into the body. Adolescents aged 14 and over and adults should take 2,4 mg, pregnant women 2,6 mg and lactating women 2,8 mg. If enough daily In cobalamin deficiency, some symptoms can be observed in the body. If you yourself;

·   Weakness,

Heart palpitations,

· Loss of appetite,

· Fading on the skin,

· tingling,

Hair shedding

If you observe symptoms such as cobalamin (B12) deficiency it could be. This deficiency must be remedied immediately.  Cobalamin deficiency To eliminate it, you should consult a doctor and according to the desired blood tests. food supplement containing cobalamin You may need to start taking


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