What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is basically a type of algae. Another name for Spirulina is ARTOSPIRA. It is a type of algae that grows in both freshwater and saltwater. Spirulina is in the category of unicellular microorganisms. blue and green algae is from his family. The taste of this seaweed is mild, while it has a blue and green color. Since its cells were not in the hard fiber category, it was quite easy to digest. This algae gets its color and nutritional value from the sun. Spirulina is from the oldest living family in the world. In fact, Spirulina has the richest nutritional value in the world. Growing spirulina is effortless, but there are criteria to be aware of. This criterion is that Spirulina should be grown in alkaline lakes with high pH value and in large outdoor pools in a controlled manner. 

What does Spirulina do?

Spirulina nutritional value It is in the very high food category. Therefore, it has many benefits. However, in order to benefit from the benefits of Spirulina, it is necessary to pay attention to the dosage. Taking Spirulina as much as the body needs is the most important rule to pay attention to. Benefits of Spirulina can be listed as follows;

Increases muscle strength and muscular endurance.

It is very important for intestinal health.

It cleans the toxins in the blood.

·      Anemia that is, it is used in the treatment of anemia because Spirulina increases the value of red blood cells in the blood.

·      Strengthens the immune system.

It also has positive effects on mental health as it helps to secrete the hormone serotonin. 

How many times a day is Spirulina used?

Spirulina, which is sold in powder form, can be taken directly into the body with the help of a spoon, or it can be consumed in liquid form by adding it to beverages. It can also be used by adding to salads, soups and vegetable juices. Spirulina is not just in powder form. Spirulina is also available in tablet form. The tablet form of Spirulina can also be consumed with the help of a glass of water. 

· If it is consumed for the purpose of losing weight; It should be consumed 20 minutes before each meal.

· If it is consumed to gain weight; It should be consumed after every meal. 

The number of times spirulina can be used per day differs according to age, gender and diet. 

Where is Spirulina found?

Spirulina has benefits on intestinal health, mental health and muscle health, as well as many different benefits. The important thing here is to get the right consumption dose into the body. It is possible to find Spirulina in herbalists, pharmacies and websites selling organic products. The point to be noted here is that before purchasing Spirulina, it is in phase to consult a doctor. With the recommendation of your doctor, you can both buy and learn the appropriate Spirulina consumption dose for you. 


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