Why Is It Important to Gain a Healthy Weight? 

Depending on the weight that is not gained in a healthy way, many negative situations such as excessive lubrication, crack formation, regional lubrication, sagging in the body and an unaesthetic body appearance may occur. Weakness can be objectively analyzed based on body mass index. Body mass index can be analyzed by dividing body mass in kilograms by height in meters squared. 

According to this formula, body mass index If it is 18,5 or less, the individual is categorized as weak. Gaining a healthy weight will also prevent future health problems. Unhealthy weight gain can lead to obesity. Obesity can also bring along many health problems. 

What Are the Negative Effects of Being Underweight on Health? 

Just like obesity or obesity, being underweight is a condition that is categorized as unhealthy in terms of health. Diseases such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, anemia, weak immune system may occur in weak people. Therefore, each individual should have an ideal weight according to their age, gender and height and should take care to maintain this weight. In order for thin individuals to gain weight in healthy ways, a general health screening should be done when starting the weight loss process. In some cases, there may be a health problem that causes weakness or inability to gain weight. 

For people who do not have any health problems, the weight gain process can be started under the control of a dietitian or the patient can gain weight by eating a healthy and balanced diet in line with the recommendations to be given to the patient. In addition, questions such as what to eat to gain a healthy weight, what are the foods that help to gain weight, what are the ways to gain weight are also a matter of curiosity for individuals who want to gain weight. Here are 7 important ways to gain healthy weight for those planning a weight gain diet: 

7 Ways to Gain Healthy Weight

We have compiled 7 suggestions for you to gain a healthy weight and gain weight compatible with your height. These recommendations can be listed as follows; 

· Exercise Regularly; When weight is gained and to maintain this weight, exercise is required. Exercise maintains the desired image. It also helps you establish the balance of fat and muscle. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily diet and exercise should be done 2 or 4 days a week.  

· Edit Your Sleep Hours; 8 hours of sleep per day is sufficient for adults. The regularity of bedtime and wake-up times is very valuable both in terms of maintaining this order and regulating the biological clock. The most important criterion to be considered here is to provide sleep balance. In other words, it is necessary not to sleep too much, skip meals or sleep less than necessary. 

· Fully Meet Protein Requirements; The approximate protein requirement for adult individuals can be specified as 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body mass. At the same time, regular and adequate consumption of foods such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk and its products, and legumes, which are categorized as protein sources healthy eating and it is important for weight gain.

· Consume Foods That Help Gain Weight; Foods that help gain weight are both foods that facilitate the weight gain process. They are healthy and nutritious foods. 

· Take Precautions To Fight Anorexia; Small volumes of high-energy foods such as nuts and dried fruits can provide you with more energy in a single meal. Preferring such foods in the daily nutrition plan, especially in the snacks, makes it easier to gain weight. 

· Have Your Routine Health Checkups; In addition to the health checks that must be done when starting the weight gain process, it is necessary for health to have routine health checks at intervals recommended by the doctor. There may be irregularities or changes in blood values ​​depending on the differences in the body during weight gain or weight loss periods. In order for these to be noticed, a doctor should be examined at regular intervals and routine blood tests should be done. The intervals at which these tests should be performed may vary depending on the individual's health status, age, lifestyle and many other factors. In case of low vitamin values ​​as a result of blood tests, with the advice of a doctor. multivitamins It is beneficial to use supplements. otherwise, it will be difficult to gain or lose weight in a situation such as iron deficiency.

It is very important to consult doctors about gaining a healthy weight and to follow the advice of doctors. In addition, in case of a chronic disease or a drug that needs to be used continuously, it may be suggested that you make changes in your diet based on these criteria. 


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