Psyllium-Kaniyarık has many positive effects on the body, from heart health to weight management. we have compiled for you the information about Psyllium-Psyllium Grass. We wish you healthy reading!

Psyllium- What is Carnivorous Grass?

Psyllium is known as blackthorn grass. Its name is derived from the Greek word “psylla” meaning lice, due to its very small size. It is a short-stalked plant with oval and large leaves, wavy or serrated leaf margins. Psyllium- Karniyarık grass has plenty of fiber in its structure. Psyllium- In the content of Karniyarık herb;

– Beta-carotene

– Calcium

-       C vitamin

– Stroller 

– Fatty acids

is found. Psyllium-Karniyarık Herb is used in salads in some countries of the world, and in the treatment of many diseases in Turkey. While psyllium-carniyarik herb was used in the treatment of diarrhea and constipation in the 16th century, it was used in the 17th century in the treatment of lactating women, in the treatment of gout patients, in the treatment of hemorrhoids and in the treatment of chest pains. Thanks to the slippery structure of Psyllium-Karniyarık grass, it is easily excreted from the digestive system. 

Psyllium-Silver Grass What are the benefits?

Since the structure of Psyllium-Kaniyarık has soluble fiber structure, it is normal for it to pass directly through the digestive system without being broken down and absorbed. Psyllium-Yellowgrass absorbs water and becomes soft, like water-soluble fibres. It can grow up to several times its volume due to absorbing water. For this reason, Psyllium-Karniyarık herb has many benefits. The benefits of Psyllium-Karniyarık herb are as follows;

It gives a feeling of satiety due to the increase in its volume and thus helps to lose weight.

· It has degassing feature.

It has the effect of lowering high blood pressure. 

It is used in the treatment of wounds and infections.

Helps to remove bacteria and fungi from the body. 

It is useful for patients with diabetes (diabetes) because it lowers the glucose level in the blood.

Balances blood sugar.

Supports cardiovascular health. 

It has a detox effect. 

Psyllium- Shallow Grass What are the Side Effects? 

Side effects of Psyllium- Karniyarik herb were not found. However, Psyllium-Eyegrass constitutes a large part of the intestinal volume, and as it has laxative effects on the intestines, side effects may be seen in some cases. 

If you have just started to consume Psyllium-Background Herb and you have consumed more than the dose you should use, the following side effects may occur;

Abdominal pain and cramps

· Diarrhea

Gas congestion

Bowel movements

Nausea and vomiting accompanied by nausea

· Stomach ache

If you have an allergic body, it is possible to observe the following side effects in your body. These side effects are as follows;

Difficulty in breathing

· Itching 

Skin rash

Swelling around the face and neck


Psyllium- Shallow Grass How and in what amount should it be used?

Psyllium-Karniyarık Herb is available in the market in capsule, granule, bark or powder form. The recommended use of Psyllium-Kaniyarık herb is as follows;

If you are consuming as capsules;

· Instead of a food supplement as a capsule, you should take Psyllium-Karniyarık Herb with plenty of water. 

It is recommended to take three capsules twice a day. 

· It should not be forgotten that a new supplementary food You should consume 1 or 2 capsules.

In the future, a maximum of 6 capsules should be taken per day. 

· It should be taken on an empty stomach. 

If you are using the powder form;

It should be consumed twice a day.

It can be consumed by adding to a glass of boiling water.

It can be consumed by adding to ayran, kefir, mineral water or fruit juice as well as water. 

Use in Children; 

· Small children should be given a teaspoon by adding it to water. 

· If the child is between 6 and 12 years old, it can be given by adding a teaspoon of Psyllium-Yellow Grass to a glass of water.

It is also used with meals.

It is necessary to pay attention to 5-10 grams in each meal. 

Psyllium- Shallow GrassWho Shouldn't Use It?

Psyllium- Karniyarik herb has not been found to have any side effects. However, it should not be used without a doctor's advice, it should also be used as a food supplement, not a substitute for daily nutritional value. Although psyllium-cayenne root has no side effects, it is not recommended for some people. People who should not use it are as follows;

· It should not be consumed for a long time. 

· in the stomach reflux people who have complaints or suspect stomach reflux,

It should not be consumed with cheese, because it can cause inflammation when consumed with cheese, 

People who consume excessive tea, coffee and acidic beverages,

· Those who have an allergic body,

People who use regular medication for the treatment of a disease,

· Pregnant and lactating women 

· Babies,

People with intestinal obstruction,

Those with asthma

It is not recommended to consume psyllium-blackgrass.


Hande Aydin says:

I drink the blackthorn powder mixed with water. It is good for my constipation problem. But I've heard that you need to take a break. How long should I use it, how long should I take a break. I would be very grateful if you could provide information about it.

Fatma Bayraktar said:

Very detailed information is given and both its benefits and what not to use are explained. Thanks to those who contributed


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