What is the Omicron Variant?

Omicron variant Covid-19 It is a type of epidemic. It first appeared in South Africa. Afterwards, it spread around the world and infected millions of people. In Turkey, the Ministry of Health announced that cases infected with the Omicron variant were detected on 12 December 2021. According to the Ministry of Health's statement on December 25, 2021, more than 10% of the cases in crowded provinces consist of the Omicron variant. The features of the omicron variant, which is a type of Covid-19 virus, can be listed as follows; 

-        CONTAMINATION;  It is said that it spreads faster in terms of contagiousness. However, there is no certainty like the characteristics of the covid-19 virus. More research is needed. 

-        DISEASE SEVERITY; There is a need to gather more information on how the Omicron virus affects the individual. It would be better to generalize here, as all variants of the new type of coronavirus cause people to die, the omicron variant is a serious virus that can cause people to lose their lives.  

-        THE EFFECT OF HAVING COVID-19 BEFORE; People who were previously infected with the covid-19 virus can be reinfected with the omicron variant.  

What Are the Symptoms of Omicron Variant?

The contagiousness of the Omicron variant is parallel to other covid-19 variants. The Omicron variant also reproduces by attaching to the cell. They can mutate differently. your vaccines Omicron variant has occurred due to changes in the proteins in the covid-19 virus. Therefore, the omicron variant is more contagious. 

The Omicron variant can be transmitted in the following ways;

· By breathing,

through contact with infected persons

It can be transmitted through contact with body fluids of people.

Symptoms of the Omicron variant can be listed as follows;

Dry cough,

· High fever

Night sweats

Body pain

Loss of sense of taste and smell

· Symptoms such as fatigue are seen in the omicron variant. 

Vaccination Protection Against the Omicron Variant

There is no definitive data on the extent to which vaccines provide protection against the Omicron variant. However, the vaccines were found to be effective against the Delta variant of the covid-19 virus, which previously accounted for the majority of cases. There is no effective preventive or therapeutic method against the Covid-19 virus, other than a vaccine. Therefore, vaccination of the population is the clearest method of preventing severe illness and death due to COVID-19. It is very important for people who have received two doses of vaccine in Turkey and 3 months after the second dose, to have the reminder dose to be protected against the Omicron variant.

What Should We Do to Avoid Omicron?

In order to protect the body from the omicron variant, it is also important in the omicron variant to fully fulfill all the practices recommended from the beginning of the pandemic to this day. Especially due to the cold weather, spending more time indoors causes the virus to spread. The following methods can be preferred to prevent the Omicron variant;

– It is necessary to stay away from crowded environments. 

- Social distancing must be observed. 

– Masks should be worn in crowded environments and masks should not be removed for any reason.

– Hands should be washed frequently.

– Nutrition and supplement vitamin Care should be taken in its purchase.

– All people in the risk group should be vaccinated and those who have been vaccinated should have a reminder dose. 

– People with symptoms should go to the health institution and give a test and should pay attention to the isolation period. 


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