Our health is very important in this period as it is important in every period. For our health, we need antioxidants and pigments, just as we need to consume foods containing vitamins, minerals and oils. You toolutein - FROMeaxanthin what?" If you're wondering,Lutein and Zeaxanthin What?" The article is just for you! 

Lutein – Zeaxanthin Ndo? 

Lutein - FROMeaxanthinare basically biological pigments in the pigment class. Lutein and zeaxanthin are two types of carotenoids. It is these pigments that give plants their color. They take part in the photosynthesis absorption of plants. They act as antioxidants. Basically Lutein – Zeaxanthin  They are found in the structure of the human eye, in the retina layer of the eye. Both have similar structures.  

  • Zeaxanthin; It is the best supplement for maintaining eye health. It nourishes the eye and maintains eye health. It protects the eye from the negative effects of external influences. It improves eyesight. 
  • Lutein; It is mostly found in yellow and orange vegetables. It absorbs the beneficial blue light from the sun. It acts as an antioxidant. It exists in the form of fatty acids and covalent bonds. When taken into the human body, it especially feeds the yellow spot in the eye.  

Lutein – Zeaxanthin is found in which foods? 

Lutein – Zeaxanthin contain yellow-orange pigments. While carotenoids are mostly found in yellow, orange and red foods, lutein and zeaxanthin are mostly found in dark and bright green vegetables. This is because of the chlorophyll (green pigment that helps photosynthesis) in green vegetables. luteinzexanthini is imprisoned. It is also found in many foods. Basically these foods are; 

  • Lutein- Zeaxanthin containing foods; Mallow, corn, asparagus, celery, parsley, spinach, nettle, cabbage, zucchini, fennel, chard, dill, mint, cress, purslane, carrots, figs, eggs, avocados, peppers, grapes and squash, saffron, broccoli, peas , melon, kiwi and paprika, 

foods like luteinzexanthin containing foods. In addition, consuming these foods with some fat increases their absorption in the body. Alternatively, adding olive oil to your green salad can be beneficial for absorption.  

Lutein – ZEaxanthin Benefits Nare they? 

As with all vitamins, minerals and oils, we define it as an antioxidant. Lutein – Zeaxanthin It is also beneficial for human body health. Of course, the correct use and consumption of various nutrients is an important point in taking it into the body. We have listed the benefits of these carotenoids, which are especially beneficial for eye health, for you. These benefits are; 

  • Helps maintain skin health. 
  • It is anti-aging due to the antioxidants it contains. 
  • It helps prevent age-related eye diseases. 
  • Provides a decrease in light sensitivity. 
  • Increases visual acuity.  
  • It helps to protect the eye against yellow spot disease in the eye.  
  • They protect body proteins, fats and DNA against stress.  
  • It helps to reduce bad cholesterol effects.  
  • It helps reduce the risk of heart attack.  

benefits such as Lutein – Zeaxanthin listed as benefits.  

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