Eye and eye health protection essential organ and condition. Eye strain is one of the important factors that trigger eye diseases. Looking at a computer, phone, blue screen for a long time eye health disruptive situations. we are for you too eyestrain and we have compiled information about eye health for you. 

Eyestrain Symptoms?

eyestrain, due to overwork of eye nerves and eye muscles eyes are tired. It is used as "asthenopia" in medical language. Nutritional deficiency, environmental factors, working conditions and continuous reading to eyestrain causing situations. Another type of eye strain isdigital eyestrain"Stop. Day by day this eyestrain becomes the most common species. eye strain If we list the symptoms, these symptoms are as follows;

  • eye burning condition
  • stinging eyes
  • Eye redness and dry eyes
  • Blurred and impaired vision
  • pain around the eyes
  • Head and neck pain
  • Sensitivity of the eye to light
  • Difficulty focusing

situations like eyestrain are symptoms. eye strain It can also be the cause of different eye problems. These diseases may be astigmatism, age-related nearsightedness, and hyperopia. 

What Is Good For Eyestrain?

eye strain There are many reasons and symptoms occur due to these reasons. To relieve the discomfort of eyestrain Adequate and regular nutrition is required. Good for eye strain There are also supplements that are natural methods. The important thing here is that your eye strain should be determined by an ophthalmologist and curative methods should be chosen accordingly. under this heading Methods for eye strain we will share. These methods are; 

  • Washing the eye by massaging the eye with cold water,
  • To rest the eyes with a cotton ball dripped with rose water,
  • The most used method is to rest the eyes by placing cucumber slices on the eyes.

Methods such as these are methods that are described naturally and can be easily applied at home. 

Foods Good for Eye Health?

Eye health, It depends on working conditions, genetic structure, and most importantly, adequate and balanced nutrition. It is necessary to create a balanced and varied diet because adequate and balanced vitamin, mineral and natural oil contents are important for eye health.  Best foods for eye health we have compiled for you. These foods are;

  • Carrot,
  • Spinach,
  • Blueberries, 
  • Seafood, especially salmon
  • Pumpkin,
  • Consuming water regularly
  • black grapes,
  • Strawberry,
  • Broccoli,
  • Pepper, 
  • Butter,
  • egg

Foods like these are foods that are good for eye health. It is necessary to add these nutrients to their eating patterns because they need to support eye health. 

The Type of Vitamin We Need to Get from the Foods We Eat for Our Eye Health 

Vitamins, minerals and natural oils are supplements that should be taken for body health. Vitamins, minerals and natural oils are necessary for general body health as well as eye health. The foods listed above include foods such as carrots, eggs and salmon. It is important for eye health as it contains vitamins, minerals and natural oils.. Vitamins we get from the foods we eat for our eye health What are the types and what do these types of vitamins do? We have compiled the answers to these questions for you. Vitamins we get from the foods we eat for our eye health and its functions are; 

  • vitamin A; In addition to animal foods, it is found in foods such as carrots, mushrooms and helps to prevent cataract formation and night vision problem.
  • B12; It is found in foods such as cheese and spinach and is good for eyestrain.
  • Vitamin E; It is found in foods such as olive oil and walnuts and prevents chronic eye diseases.
  • Omega-3 and Omega6; It is found in foods such as fish and flax seeds and is good for dry eyes. 
  • C vitamin; It is found in citrus fruits and is good for cataract deterioration. 


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