Essential oils are preferred as relaxing oils in the treatment of many diseases. Essential oils are also used for mental calmness. In this article, we have compiled information about essential oils for you. We wish you healthy reading!

What is Essential Oil

Essential oil can be defined as oils produced from plants. Essential oils are produced from the leaves, seeds, roots, stems, flowers or fruits of plants. Essential oils are produced with different techniques using different parts of plants. These oil types are volatile, fragrant and aromatic oils. Essential oils have been used for centuries for different purposes. This type of oil can be used in the treatment of diseases, to give flavor and aroma, in medicine, cosmetics and food. There are 3000 different types of essential oils that are recognized and known today. It is produced and marketed as 3000 of 300 essential oils. Today, these oils are preferred for solving mental and physical problems.  

How to Obtain Essential Oil

Essential oils can be obtained in two different ways. The first is distillation and the second is cold pressing. 

– Distillation method; It is the preferred method of obtaining oil according to the volatility of the components that make up the oil. The oils obtained by this method;

· Lavender oil

· Rosemary oil

Rose oil

· Chamomile oil

· Sage oil

Oregano oil

– cold pressed; The cold pressing method is a mechanical method. It is the oldest oil extraction technique. It is obtained by the methods of not using solvents during the extraction of the oil from the plant so that the produced oils are not subjected to high degree of heat treatment during the production period. The oils obtained by this method; 

Orange oil

Grapefruit oil

Lemon oil

· Mandarin oil

Bergamot oil

Essential Fatty Acids Properties

The human body cannot produce only two types of essential oils. Fatty acids not produced in the human body, omega 6 and omega 3'kind. Essential oils can be preferred to treat some physical and mental problems. Essential oils have the following properties;

· It smells good.

· It is aromatic.

Some are volatile.

· Strengthens memory.

· Supports vision functions.

· Supports the immune system.

· Prevents coagulation.

·       Cholesterol balances the level.

Balances blood pressure.

Helps blood circulation. 

· Accelerates the healing of wounds.

· Accelerates growth in children.

Protects the skin and supports skin health.

Prevents the formation of eczema.

It prevents infertility in men. 

While essential oils have beneficial properties for the human body, they are also very useful in the food industry. Essential oils are also preferred in the production of many foods. Essential oils do not have many negative effects on the human body. However, the point to be considered is whether there is an allergy to the plants used in the production of the essential oil used or preferred. 

What is the Difference Between Essential Oil and Essential Oil?

Essential oils and essential oils are the preferred oil types in many areas of our lives. One is produced artificially, while the other is obtained directly from the raw material itself. The difference between essential oil and essential oil can be listed as follows; 

Essential oil is a fragrant substance. Essential oils are oils produced in a laboratory environment. Fragrances of plants found in nature can be produced in a laboratory environment. Since essential oils are produced in the laboratory, they are sold more appropriately. 

· Essential oil; It is obtained by extracting the oil from the raw material by different methods, which is obtained directly from the substance itself. Essential oils are obtained only from plants whose oil can be extracted. Floral scented essential oil is not found, but it is possible to find the scent of flowers as essential oil. Since essential oils are obtained directly from plant raw materials, they are marketed costly. Essential oils are also preferred as a medical treatment method. 

What are essential oils?

Many essential oils can be produced. However, if we give a few examples of essential oils, they can be listed as follows; 

· Rosemary oil; accelerates blood circulation. It is used in the treatment of acne and pimples on the skin.

· Tea Tree Oil; It is preferred to treat acne and skin oiliness. It is preferred for the treatment and cleaning of itchy and inflamed areas.

· Lemon Oil; makes pale and oily skin shine and radiant. It relaxes the respiratory tract. Lemon oil sensitizes the skin, so it should be used at night. 

· Lemongrass Oil; reduces pain and relieves fatigue. It strengthens concentration. 

· Mint oil; gives coolness, clear mind and freshness. It prevents headaches and bodily pains. It supports respiration and digestion.

· Eucalyptus Oil; opens the breath, supports the respiratory tract. Relieves joint pain. 

·       Algae Oil; Omega 3 source, protects cardiovascular health. It regulates the heart rhythm. 


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