Today, we are experiencing a deficiency due to closed working environments and not getting enough sun.  Vitamin D we should use it to protect our immune system and our musculoskeletal system. we are for you too Vitamin D We have compiled important information about you for you.  

Vyour fullness Vin the body Rdead What Is It? 

Vitamin DAlthough it is known as a type of fat-soluble vitamin, it is actually a type of hormone. It is a species that positively affects body development on humans, starting in the mother's womb and continuing throughout life. your vitamin D It has an effective role on the body. Although its most important role is on bone health, it has many effects on the body. To write some of these effects, these effects;  

  • It increases the absorption of calcium and phosphorus taken with food. 
  • Provides calcium and phosphorus balance. 
  • It has a therapeutic effect on bone growth, cartilage hardening and bone diseases. 
  • Strengthens the immune system.  
  • It has the effect of protecting the body against heart and blood pressure diseases and some types of cancer.  

effects such as reveal its role on the body.  

Vfull of Ein the absence of Neler Olur?  

Many health problems can occur due to vitamin and hormone imbalance. It is possible to explain this imbalance as the presence of excess or less than necessary in the body. It is very important for the body and its deficiency can cause some health problems. Vitamin D We can list the possible effects that may occur in the body in its deficiency as follows;  

  • Calcium phosphorus absorption decreases, 
  • Softening and weakening of the cartilage of babies can be seen, 
  • heart and liver problems, 
  • Persistent weight loss occurs 
  • There may be causes of fatigue and weakness, 
  • Sleep problems may occur 
  • Nail and hair loss 
  • Depression 
  • changing moods 
  • loss of balance and strength, 
  • sweating frequently, 
  • detention bruises,  

effects on the body Vitamin D deficiencycan be seen in  

What Diseases Cause Vitamin D Deficiency?  

Due to insufficient intake of hormones and vitamins into the body, they can have negative effects on the human body. Besides the negative effects of vitamin deficiency, your vitamin D Deficiency brings with it many diseases.  This type of vitamin has been shown to have anti-inflammatory (pain reliever), immune system and bone health effects. your vitamin D Not taking enough in the body causes bone diseases and opens the door to many other diseases. If we list these diseases; 

  • Cancer, 
  • Infection, 
  • Heart diseases, 
  • Vascular diseases, 
  • Butterfly disease (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus), 
  • Diabetes, 
  • Flu, 
  • Tuberculosis (tuberculosis),  
  • kidney stone formation, 

Diseases such as can occur due to its deficiency in the body.  

Vfull of Gcelebrity İneed NKhow much is it?  

Taking vitamins and minerals at certain times and taking them in a certain daily dose is important for body health. In order to determine the daily dose that the person can take, he must first consult a physician and have a blood test. It is the best way to determine the dose of vitamin for the person. However, many studies have shown that people should consume a certain dose. Vitamin D they deem appropriate. This vitamin can be taken from the sun and food, as well as as a medical supplement. Alright Vitamin D What should the daily dose be? According to studies, this dose should be taken at the level of 50-150 micrograms and Vitamin D rate of se should be at the level of 30-80 micrograms.  

1 tablet daily Fortim D What you need to take daily Vitamin D3 meets your needs.


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