The neck is the moving area that carries the 7 vertebrae and the head region. Due to the high mobility of the neck area, it is an area open to serious injuries. Neck and nape pain are not defined as "sinking" pain. Neck and neck pain are medically defined as "blunt" pain. Neck and nape pains;

– Numbness,

– tingling,

– They can be defined as situations such as the feeling of electric shock.

Dizziness with neck and nape pain may also occur. Neck pain is one of the most common types of regional pain. The cause of neck pain can be defined for one reason, or it can be defined for more than one reason. So neck pain can have multiple causes. Neck pain does not only occur due to poor posture, but there may also be many underlying causes of neck pain. 

Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be explained by a single reason or by more than one reason. Causes of neck pain can be listed as follows; 

– muscle relaxation; It is a condition that occurs due to prolonged use of a computer or phone. Muscles become tense from looking down. At the same time, clenching your teeth can cause neck pain as it causes the muscles to stretch. 

– Joint and cartilage wear; Neck joints and cartilages may wear down due to aging. Wear of bones and cartilages also causes neck pain. 

-        Nerve entrapment; Nerves that are compressed in the neck and cause hernia can put pressure on the neck and shoulder. This causes neck pain. 

– injury; Conditions such as car accidents, a blow to the neck, and head jerking can cause neck pain. 

– Different Diseases; Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis or cancer can cause neck pain.

What Are Neck Pain Symptoms?

Symptoms of neck pain can be listed as follows; 

– Stiff neck; If pain is felt while turning the head to the right and left, this is neck stiffness and is considered a symptom of neck pain. 

– A sharp pain; a pain is felt in the lower part of the neck and if there is a pain in a single point, it is neck pain.

– General pain; If pain is felt in one part of the neck, this is among the symptoms of neck pain.

– radiating pain; If the pain starts from the neck and spreads to the shoulders and arms, it is a sign of pain in the neck region.

– Problems in lifting and gripping; If the fingers are tingling and things are not being held because of the numbness, this is a sign of neck pain.

- Headache; muscle tension, joint and cartilage wear in the neck can cause headaches. 


What Can Be Done to Prevent Neck Pain?

If the neck pain is not due to an injury or a blow, it is possible for the person experiencing neck pain to take precautions on their own. The following can be done to prevent neck pain:;

Posture while sitting or standing is one of the most important ways to prevent neck pain. The hips and shoulders should be in line and the ears should be at shoulder level.

– Instead of sitting for a long time, taking breaks and stretching can prevent neck pain. 

– Using headphones while talking on the phone prevents neck pain as it supports healthy posture.

– The computer screen should be level with the head and it is necessary to use a lumbar pillow while sitting in a chair. 

– Heavy items should not be carried on the shoulder. 

Is taking vitamin D good for neck pain?

Cause of chronic muscle pain Vitamin D may be lacking. Because Taking vitamin D is good for neck pain may come. According to studies, patients with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to experience low back, neck and muscle pain. An improvement in low back and neck pain was observed in patients who took vitamin D supplements. If you suffer from neck pain, FortimD supplement is for you.


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